5 Days in Koh Phi Phi

If you’ve ever seen the Beach, I just did and it was not what I was expected, Koh Phi Phi is the island that they shot for it. Unfortunately, Koh Phi Phi has turned into the party island that they were fearing in the movie. But it is still an incredibly beautiful group of islands off the coast of Thailand with pristine blue waters and high cliffs.

Getting to Koh Phi Phi

My journey started in Winterthur, Swizterland and took about 2 days on 4 different modes of transportation:

    1. Train: Winterthur – Zürich Airport (30mins)
    2. Plane: Zürich Airport- Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (10hrs)
    3. Shuttle: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – Don Mueang Airport (45mins) (Missed 7:30am flight because didn’t realize there were two Bangkok Airports)
    4. Plane: Bangkok Don Mueang Airport to Phuket Airport (45mins)
    5. Bus: Phuket Airport – Patong Beach (2hrs)
    6. Hostel: Patong beach (1 Night)
    7. Bus: Patong Beach – Phuket Town (1hr)
    8. Ferry: Phuket Town – Koh Phi Phi (3hrs)
Ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

Activities on Koh Phi Phi

If you are going to Koh Phi Phi to party then look no further than the north side of town on ‘party beach’.  If you are going to Koh Phi Phi not to party then there are still lots of activities to partake in.

Boat Tours

There are many companies and hostels that offer tours on speedboats and larger boats but we were told to skip that and just walk to the beach at 7am and ask one of the longboat captains for a 3 hour tour of the islands. It was 1800 baht (about 50$) for 3 people on private boat and it was the best thing we did.

Our Longboat and Captain

Views of Blue Waters and High Cliffs from our Boat Tour
The famous Maya Beach where The Beach was filmed
Drone Photo of our Longboat near Monkey Beach


Koh Phi Phi is one of the best dive spots in the world and because of this there are many dive shops on the islands. I chose Sea Frogs Diving for no particular reason other than the people at the shop were nice and I was able to complete my open-water dive with PADI and get my diving certification! I had an incredible time with Sea Frogs Diving. I had a private instructor who was very kind and patient with me as I struggled with my mask removal skills. I had never been diving in the ocean before and it was incredible! We went to two dive spots with beautiful fish and coral reefs, turtles, and even some reef sharks.

Long Beach

The walk to Long Beach is about 30 minutes through some lovely tropical resorts, make sure you bring water because it can get very hot. There are signs along the walk to guide you but you basically go left when you get to the pier and keep walking till you get to the beautiful beach. You can also just take any long boat from the pier in the town and ask for Long Beach and they will take you. This is how we got back. 

Hike to Phi Phi View Point

I didn’t do this activity but there are two viewpoints with amazing views. We were told that it is better in the morning since there are fewer people than at sunset. Getting to the viewpoint is easy, like walking to Long Beach there are signs leading towards “Phi Phi Viewpoint” to it and it’s about a 30 minute walk up hill. 

Fire Show

Yes, these are all at the ‘party beach’ but they start at 8pm and really are something to see. Each bar has it’s own show and the acts are very impressive. If you go at a little before 8pm you can get a seat at one of them, but don’t sit too close it can get really hot. 


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